Friday, January 4, 2008

keg time...

the draft system is up & running down in the beer room (henceforth the elephant & castle)... the supa-fat is on tap, but all those admiral hops have given it a whole load of kick. it's more along the lines of a stone IPA... hoppy (mostly on the bittering end) & dry.

i'm still getting the hang of the force carbonating thing, but after realizing the other day that i'd shut off the valve on the tank for 2 days, i think it should be in good shape now.

now that i've got the fridge to lager in, and the winter has the basement nice and cold i've got a czech pils underway. optimum temperature range is 48-58 F and last night the fermenter was at 51. perfect. a few more days in there, the into the secondary where it'll slight warmup for a diacetl rest before going back into the cold and then into a keg to lager in the fridge. i'm trying to find some Saaz to throw in the secondary for a little extra aroma kick, but no luck so far (damn hop shortage).

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