Thursday, January 10, 2008

homebrew notes...


now the supa-fat is properly carbonated the true flavor is shining through. a bit more depth than the first tastings... more malt, a little more fruity, but still a fairly brutally bitter bite to it. holds it's head nicely. the beer is a little cloudy, but that's probably because i didn't do a proper secondary on it, just a long primary.

transfered the pilsener over to a secondary tonight. it's got a pretty good green apple, cidery flavor right now -- more than i've ever had before -- but that may well just be a byproduct of the lager yeast that i'm not used to and the fact that it's still pretty young. it'll sit in a warmer part of the basement (~60F) for the weekend and then head back into the cold on monday for a little conditioning before it goes into the fridge to lager. dosed it up with an ounce of saphir as a dry hop.

also finished the tap handles tonight... the threaded inserts didn't go in quite as well as hoped, but they still look pretty good on the taps.

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