Monday, March 10, 2008

homebrew update

quick update... the stout moved to a secondary today. tastes good (pretty much just like guiness) and it's just waiting for keg space to open up. i'd hoped to have it on tap by st. patrick's day but that looks unlikely. i need to see how much of the supa-fat is left in the keg.

checked on the oak2 (oaked dubbel) and it's changed a lot since the first tasting. the bananna/clove flavor is diminished, but there's still a lot of spice, and now there's a lot of vanilla and, well, oak like flavors. we'll he how it does carbonated, i think it'll be nice once it's done. racked it off the oak chips so that the oak flavor doesn't completely overwealm everything and then i need to decide whether to bottle it or keg it. originally i was going to put it in growlers and bottle condition, but then at the last taste i starting thinking about kegging, since it had such a great flavor. with the oak i think it needs the extra development that it'll get from bottle conditioning, but it'd take a while to kill a keg of dubbel.

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