Thursday, February 7, 2008

got wood?

a little beer work tonight... moved the dubbel over to a secondary and gave it and the pils some american oak chips.

took a taste of the pils before i added the oak and the green apple & cidery flavors that i got when moving it to the secondary a couple of weeks ago when transfering it over from the primary are gone. now it's got a nice dry malty body with good european hop bitterness and a slight 'blue cheese' hop nose from the saphir dry hop. once it's got little sharpness from carbonation it'll be a nice refreshing lager. final gravity is sitting at 1.012 (ABV: 4.7%) right now. it'll sit on the oak chips for a couple of days and move to a keg to spend a couple of weeks lagering.

the dubbel was really nice... some wit-esque spicyness from the corriander and estery & clove from the yeast and relatively warm fermentation (i fermented it right next to a heating vent). the combination gives an interesting chocolate bananna flavor. the extra sugar has given it an extra kick, but since it's fermented out completely it's left the beer dry (FG 1.010; ABV 8%) but with a soft mouthfeel. the dubbel will probably sit on oak for a week or two and then get bottled in growlers to sit for a while.

next up: a dry irish stout that'll get kegged.

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