Friday, November 30, 2007


brewing all of the wedding beer (and experimenting with those recipes) got me really back into a brewing mood and wanting to experiment more, instead of just brewing kits.

i started a new batch of beer last night, that's a modified version of northern brewer's phat tire kit (a clone of new belgium's fat tire). i figured i might as well take a stab at it while new belgium's actual fat tire yeast is available from wyeast.

i wanted to up the hop profile a bit, but with the current hop-shortage, i couldn't get my hands on any of the hops i really wanted. i was able to get some organic UK admiral, and since they did a nice job in the organic IPA, i ordered those along with the kit.

original hop schedule:

1 oz liberty - 60 minutes
.5oz crystal - 15 minutes
.5oz crystal - 5 minutes

modified hop schedule:

1 oz liberty - 60 minutes
1 oz admiral - 60 minutes
1 oz admiral - 15 minutes
1 oz crystal - 3 minutes (not intentional, i just missed the 5 minute mark)

since the admiral packs a big alpha acid punch (14.7 % to the liberty's 4.4%) i added a 1 lb of extra light Munton's DME that i had lying around to the boil to kick up the malt a bit.

it's in the fermenter now and it'll be the first beer that i keg once i get the kegerator sorted out, so we'll won't have quite as long to wait and see how the supa-phat turns out.

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