Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Brewery: Brasserie Dupont
Location: Tourpes, Belgium
Name: Foret
Style: Saison

Organically produced Belgian saison from the brewers of the classic Saison Dupont. golden and slightly hazy with a strong light-cream to white head. strong orange and clove nose leads into a warm and lemony body. slightly bitter/astringent but not hoppy. very similar to it's non-organic cousin, but with a slightly rougher and less polished (more authentic for a saison perhaps?) flavor.

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DT said...

Just picked this beer up at the Whole Foods in Portland, ME. Looking forward to trying it out. If you can find any of the Jolly Pumpkin beers, buy them. I had the Bam Biere Farmhouse Ale and it was delicious!